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Elektronik Kart tasarımı


Special Design

Submit your needs and the details of your project to our expert team. Let's decide together the most suitable solution for your project.

Special Solutions

Let our engineers determine the electronic board design and the parts to be used in the design and contact you in line with your needs.

Efficient Design

Our engineers analyze the design in detail with computer simulations while drawing the circuit board they have specially designed for you.

Experienced Production

For the production of your printed circuit board, we work with companies that produce with high quality materials and precision work, taking years of production experience behind us. We constantly control the production process.

Quality Control

After we place the components on your electronic board, we test it to make sure it meets our quality standards.

Technical Support and Customer Satisfaction

We deliver your card and install it, we provide the technical support you need throughout the process.


If your needs change during the process, we change the project and focus on solving your problems.